Humans & the Biosphere (13-14)


Population explosion in the XX century. Reasons and causes of this explosion. Demographic transition. Links between demographic transition and social, political and environmental problems;

 Atmospheric Transformations. Peculiarities of air pollution at different scales:

 -Global issues: evidence of current climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion, climate change in the past, possible environmental consequences of changes in atmosphere at the global level;

 -Regional issues: acid deposition, problems associated with acidification in Europe, ways to diminish acidic loads on the environment;

 -Local issues: problems associated with urban air pollution, major types of urban pollutants, Health effects of urban air pollution;

 Key environmental and social issues associated with agriculture and food security;

 Environmental indicators. Pressure-State-Response scheme and its modifications. Use of indicators for description of various environmental issues. Consumption and technology factors;